Monday, January 17, 2011


The Darom Dozen: The 411

Hey, Guys! With the twelfth annual Anshei Darom Retreat a little over a month away, it's a good time to check off a few items of Basic Information for this year's Retreatniks. The 411, as the kids say.

Please plan to arrive at camp on Friday, February 18 no later than 4 pm. You are welcome to arrive earlier that day to enjoy paradise for the afternoon - if you wish.

Please participate in the ritual programs - don't be bashful! There is plenty of time to volunteer to lead a portion of one of the services, enlighten us with a d'var Torah, and/or read Torah. To do so, please contact Jim Handler - jim [dot] handler [at] rrd [dot] com. We'd like everyone to get a shot at participating... and you'll never find a warmer or more supportive bunch of guys to daven or lehn Torah in front of!

What should you bring?

That's the big question everyone seems to be asking about this time. Nothing too complicated:
  1. Your sense of humor

  2. A desire to meet new people

  3. Casual clothes for the entire weekend. No ties and jackets required! (For Shabbat morning, it's not a bad idea to bring a shirt with a collar... that's as dressy as things get.)

  4. Sweat hut attire - a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

  5. Toiletries: Large towel, washcloth, soap, shower shoes. The camp provides soap and shampoo, but you can bring your own if you prefer, Mr. Fancy-Schmancy.

  6. Religious equipment: Tefillin, Tallit, Kipah. The camp will provide siddurim and chumashim, so no need to shlep your own.

  7. Misc. Equipment: Anti-snoring equipment (earplugs, clothespins, nose strips, CPAP machines). We're serious!

  8. Flashlight and Camera

  9. Optional - Your favorite pillow and an extra blanket

  10. Optional - You are welcome - nay, encouraged - to bring a bottle of your favorite spirit to enjoy and share with group Saturday evening such as: Scotch, brandy, whiskey, beer, wine, root beer, prune juice, or Gatoradeā„¢. Also, if you wish to truly raise the testosterone level that evening - bring some cigars.

Can you entertain us?
If anyone plays the guitar, harmonica, or tuba, please plan to bring it with you for the Saturday night activities. We could definitely use musical talent. If you cannot play an instrument, make sure you bring your favorite jokes to share with the guys.

For those who have not attended before!!!

How do I get there?
Check your e-mail for directions, which will have been sent to you well before Retreat Time... or hook up with one of the other attendees from your shul... or contact Steve Krodman or Howard Silverstein.

Where will I be sleeping?
This is a modern facility in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains.
The road is now paved all the way to the camp and cell phones work there (sometimes). There is electricity and running water. The bunk house is heated and the flush toilet facilities and showers are within the walls of the bunk house. No "roughing it" for these boys!

Will there be beds?
Of course!!! The camp will also provide a pillow, linens, a blanket and one
towel. (Feel free to bring a sleeping bag and tent if you want to "rough it" with Rabbi Sirull.)

What kind of Shabbat Experience will it be?
We will create a unique Shabbat experience - together. We will be observing Shabbat by not writing, smoking, using electronic devices, or taking photographs. We will wash before all meals, say Motzi and Birkat ha-Mazon. There is an eruv around the camp so you can carry and can indulge in various recreational activities... including the all-important Shabbat nap.

When should I arrive?
Please plan on arriving at camp Friday, Feb 18 between 2 and 4 pm.

Those who have not sent in your money, please do so ASAP. Please send your check (payable to ANSHEI DAROM) for $199.00 to:

Joe Zendlovitz
Regional Treasurer
4404 Glendale Square
Nashville, TN 37204

Get ready for a WONDERFUL weekend! We're looking forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions please contact:

Steve Krodman - elisson1 [at] aol [dot] com
Howard Silverstein - hjsplay [at] comcast [dot] net



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