Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's January...

...and you know what that means: February - and the Eleventh Annual Anshei Darom Regional Retreat - is just around the corner!

This year's Retreat will be held Feb 19-21, 2010 at Camp Ramah Darom (as always!) in beautiful Clayton, Georgia.

Our Scholar-in-Residence will be Rabbi David Sirull of Congregation Adas Yeshurun in Augusta, Georgia... and we will have Mark Berlin, president of the International FJMC, as our special guest. We'll have informative discussions, spirited davening, spirited spirits (hic!), and great food... and, most importantly, a chance to visit with old friends (and make new ones) from Men's Clubs throughout the region.

As far as weather is concerned, we can promise you that there will be weather. Exactly what kind, we have no idea... except to tell you that at past Retreats we've had everything from sun, rain, fog, and snow... sometimes in a single weekend!

Here are a few of the things you can expect:

1. A spirited Shabbat

2. Spirited brotherhood

3. Plenty good food

4. Lots of spirits

5. Lots of friends – old and new

6. Therapeutic and revitalizing yoga sessions

7. The eleventh appearance of the Famous Sweat Hut

8. A Jewish experience unique in the entire Jewish world

9. Cholent. Did I mention the cholent?

We'll have lots of opportunities exchange ideas with FJMC leaders and learn all about ways to inject vitality and meaningful Jewish experiences into our clubs' programs. And at the end of the day, that's what makes the whole thing work: our clubs. Make sure yours stands up and is counted!

Our featured entertainment will be... Alan Sussman Saul Sloman Us!

Our featured attendee will be... You!

[And did we mention the Famous Sweat Hut? Of course we did!]

Make plans to attend NOW! February 19-21, 2010 at Camp Ramah Darom in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, just east of the sun, west of the moon west of Clayton.

We've held the line on expenses. This year's tariff will be $190 - same as last year. To reserve your spot, just send an e-mail to doug (dot) friedman (at) labwize (dot) org, and send a check (made out to Anshei Darom Region) to our Regional Treasurer, Joe Zendlovitz:

Joe Zendlovitz
4404 Glendale Square
Nashville, TN 37204

Don't forget to tell us the name of your Men's Club, whether you're a Kohen, Levi, or jest plain Israel, and your shirt size.

Sign up today - don't delay - and get ready for another fine Retreat!



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