Monday, January 12, 2009


Another Retreat-O-Gram!

The 2009 Anshei Darom Region Retreat is on February 27 - March 1!

We're looking for Daveners, Torah Readers, a Haftarah Chanter, Motzi Men and
Birkat "Buchers"

Jim Handler has graciously agreed to handle our Ritual Assignments for the
Retreat. Everything is wide open, but you know the choice spots will fill up
fast. So, check out the sheet that came in your e-mail and let Jim know what you'd like to do.

In addition to having a great time, our retreat is renowned for all the guys who
step up and participate in our full weekend of ritual activities. So, step up, already! Nu, what are waiting for? Now that the Falcons, Titans, Panthers and Giants are out of the playoffs, you have time to start brushing up on those skills.

Oh yeah. Don't forget to register, too. Just click here and follow the simple instructions.



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