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From Hank Needle (our Esteemed Regional Prez) and the Retreat Committee:

Well, it is a crazy week, spare time was very short and when I got home I could not get myself back to the computer after staring at one all day. I know you all were hanging on the edge of your chairs waiting for this week's edition. Well here it is, a little late.

We are into the final week of planning. Actually, the planning is stopping and the execution has begun. The retreat committee is meeting weekly to polish the program and put everything into production with gathering, printing, and collating.

How's your Hebrew?

There is still time to volunteer to lead a portion of one of the services, read from the Torah, or help out in any number of ways. Contact Matt Gottlieb - his e-mail is matt (dot) gottlieb (at) century21 (dot) com.

Music, anyone?

If anyone plays the guitar, please plan to bring it with you for the Saturday night activities. We could definitely use musical talent.

What are the emergency phone numbers?

Can you hear me now...Can you hear me now...Can you hear me now!??!

During Shabbat the phone is off limits. Cell phones, pagers and satellite phones generally do not work, so for the most part please tell your loved ones to only call the camp in case of an extreme emergency. We'll provide you with emergency numbers.

Google Earth

Believe it or not, you can find Camp Ramah on Google Earth! There is even a counselor sunning on the dock...but for those less inclined, the directions to camp will be provided.

One more time!!!!

What do I bring?

Sense of humor
Desire to meet new people
Warm clothes. The layered look is in.

For those who want the ultimate camp experience, here is what to bring from the camp list of old.

Boys Clothing 'n' Supplies
2 pair socks
3 pair underwear (white squeezers or boxers, no European stuff please)
2 pair blue Jeans
1 T-shirt
1 Sweatshirt
Shabbat shirt with collar
1 pair Hiking shoes
1 pair Athletic shoes
Anshei Darom shirt (if you have one)
Anshei Darom sweatshirt (if you have one)
Pajamas (no nude sleeping please. I don't care what you wear at home, but please have mercy on us)
Shvitz hut attire

Large towel
Shower shoes
Reading material

Religious equipment
Personal Siddur, if desired (siddurim will be provided)

Misc. Equipment
Anti snoring equipment (Earplugs, clothespins, nose strips, CPAP machines )
Booze (rum, gin, whiskey, beer, wine)
Cigars (outside smoking only)
Stationery to write letters home, to gain admission to dinner (just kidding)

For those who have not attended before - see below!!!

So, where will be sleeping?

For those new guys, we want to lower your anxiety level by letting you know that this is a modern facility in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains. The road is now paved all the way to the camp...and some day the cell phones may work here, too! There is electricity and running water. The bunk house is heated and the flush toilet facilities are within the walls of the bunk house. We will not make the rookies sleep on the top bunk, nor make them squeal like a non-kosher animal - 'nuff said? We will, though, ask that the older generation be allowed to have lower bunks. Absolutely no 70-year-old guys on the top bunk!

Will there be beds?

Of course!!! The camp will also provide a pillow, linens, a blanket, and a towel. If you want an extra blanket, you may wish to bring your own.

What kind of Shabbat Experience will it be?

At Anshei Darom, we strive to create a unique Shabbat experience. We will be observing Shabbat by not writing, smoking, using electronic devices, and taking photographs. We will wash and say Motzi before all meals, and sing Birkat ha-Mazon after all meals. There is an eruv around the camp so you can carry and can indulge in various recreational activities - including, but not limited to, the all-important Shabbat nap.

When should I arrive?

Please plan on arriving at camp Friday, Feb 24 between 2 and 4 pm.


Those who have not sent in your money will not eat and will be paraded around the campground in their skivvies.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. If you have any more pressing questions, please ask!


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