Wednesday, August 17, 2005


A Message from Our President:
The Aron ha-Kodesh at Ramah Darom

Aron ha-Kodesh
It seems a very long time since Anshei Darom accepted the challenge and chose to fund the creation of a new Aron ha-Kodesh in the Lakeside Campus Prayer Pavilion at Camp Ramah Darom. Norm Hamburger chaired this project and within 30 days we had it funded. Thanks again to all the members who contributed - you made this project a success. The Aron ha-Kodesh has now been completed and is in use at the camp. It is breathtaking in its concept and beauty.

Norm Hamburger saw it when he picked up his children at Ramah and wrote me, “It is a very spiritual piece and its location, with the lake in the background, is awe-inspiring. Paul Rovin and Professor Daphne Robinson were the design and execution team leaders on the project and they deserve all possible kudos.”

Anshei Darom LogoThe artists / craftsmen told Norm that the creation of this Aron ha-Kodesh is quite a story. Once the design was in place it was constructed by the campers under the guidance of the artists in a race against the end of the summer camping season.

Many things in life have a way of coming full circle. At our retreat this coming February we will close the circle on this project. Paul Rovin will join us and tell us about the creative process that brought this Aron ha-Kodesh to the camp. I hope the weather will allow us all to personally enjoy the pavilion. To whet your appetite, the Lakeside Campus Prayer Pavilion Aron ha-Kodesh is suspended from the ceiling of the pavilion. It is hinged and can be winched up and out of sight. This allows the pavilion to be used for other purposes and for the Aron ha-Kodesh to be protected from the elements. The actual ark is placed into a frame that allows it to be removed and placed into the building for better protection.

Rabbi Sykes, Ramah Darom Director, sends a special thanks to all who made this masterpiece possible. I wish to thank all of you, and especially Norm, for his work. This project was funded by Anshei Darom, the men of the Southeast Region of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs.

Hank Needle
President, Anshei Darom Region

Aron with Kids


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