Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Golf - The Gift of the Jews

It has long been thought that the game of golf originated in Scotland in the fifteenth century. Recently uncovered evidence indicates that this sport actually began in eastern Europe and for many years was enjoyed by the Jews of the area.

Stories passed down from generation to generation told of Moses and Aaron and their famous Desert Classic, which endured for 40 years. This great tradition was re-born many years later in the fields and forests of eastern Europe.

Some more evidence: Of course the person who carried the golfers' equipment around the course
was called a Mercedes. And, oh yes - it is believed that the name "GOLF"
is an acronym of the often-heard words - Gevalt, Oy, Ligner, and Feh!

[A Tip o' th' Tam o' Shanter to Irwin Weitz for passing this along.]


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