Thursday, January 15, 2009


Again with the Retreat-O-Grams

2009 Anshei Darom Region Retreat - February 27 - March 1

"Now You've Come Home, Bill Becker, Now You've Come Home"...

Got that tune in your mind now? You'll be singing the praises of Bill Becker, our special FJMC guest for this year's special Tenth Anniversary Anshei Darom Retreat.

Bill will visit us from Hampton, VA, as president of the Rodef Shalom Men's Club and incoming VP of the Seaboard Region. But he's a native Atlantan and former "Savannah-ian." Bill's passion is programming, and his club has done a lot of innovative stuff - including Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah, and Kosher Sex with the Rabbi. (we'll have to ask the Rabbi about that one) - and Discussions at a Local Bar During Monday Night Football. Who knows what we'll all think up at the Retreat?

We also want to extend a warm Anshei Darom welcome to Rabbi Kliel Rose of the West End Synagogue in Nashville. Rabbi Rose came to Nashville from Miami Beach and served as student rabbi in London for two you can ask him whether Yorkshire Pudding is kosher.

Our program also includes a return of our popular Yoga program, and we're planning more on health & wellness.

In case we didn't mention it, the Retreat will be at the world-renowned Camp Ramah Darom in Clayton, GA, nestled in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

Oh yeah. Don't forget to register, too. Just click below (or on the sidebar) and follow the simple instructions.

The Retreat Committee

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Monday, January 12, 2009


Another Retreat-O-Gram!

The 2009 Anshei Darom Region Retreat is on February 27 - March 1!

We're looking for Daveners, Torah Readers, a Haftarah Chanter, Motzi Men and
Birkat "Buchers"

Jim Handler has graciously agreed to handle our Ritual Assignments for the
Retreat. Everything is wide open, but you know the choice spots will fill up
fast. So, check out the sheet that came in your e-mail and let Jim know what you'd like to do.

In addition to having a great time, our retreat is renowned for all the guys who
step up and participate in our full weekend of ritual activities. So, step up, already! Nu, what are waiting for? Now that the Falcons, Titans, Panthers and Giants are out of the playoffs, you have time to start brushing up on those skills.

Oh yeah. Don't forget to register, too. Just click here and follow the simple instructions.


Sunday, January 04, 2009



The Tenth Annual Anshei Darom Regional Retreat will be held Feb 27-March 1 at Camp Ramah Darom in beautiful Clayton, Georgia!

So what if Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona are as dry as a Yom Kippur sermon? There's still water in the lake up at Camp Ramah, and the waterfall is still functioning. And besides, based on a random sampling of the beverages most of us consume, who needs water anyway?

For our Tenth Big Retreat, we'll have a suitably impressive program. And, as usual, it will include:
  1. A spirited Shabbat

  2. Spirited brotherhood

  3. Lots of good food

  4. Lots of spirits

  5. Lots of friends – old and new

  6. Therapeutic and revitalizing yoga sessions

  7. A Jewish experience unique in the entire Jewish world
We will have an opportunity to pick the brains of the FJMC leadership and learn all about ways to inject vitality and meaningful Jewish experiences into our clubs' programs. We'll also get an earful about Convention, coming up this July...and I can tell you that if you have never been to an FJMC International Convention, you don't know what you're missing!

Our featured entertainment will be...Sussman Us!

Our featured attendee will be...You!

[And, of course, there's the Famous Sweat Hut!]

Make plans to attend NOW! February 27-March 1 at Camp Ramah Darom in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, just west of Clayton and decidedly east of Eden – Texas, that is.

The cost this year will be $190 - same as last year. Send reservations and checks to our Region Treasurer and Retreat Registrar, Joe Zendlovitz:

Joe Zendlovitz
4404 Glendale Square
Nashville, TN 37204

More details will follow, along with an updated link to the registration website. So don't worry about levels in Lake Lanier. Come to Clayton, where the buffalo - and Anshei Darom - roam!


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