Sunday, February 19, 2017


Chai, y'all! Eighteen years of Retreats!

The Class of 2017: attendees at the 18th annual Anshei Darom Retreat at Camp Ramah Darom.

This year's Anshei Darom Regional Retreat had special significance, being the eighteenth consecutive annual event at Camp Ramah Darom. As we know, the number eighteen is the numerical value of the Hebrew word chai - life - and so it was an especially auspicious weekend on which to celebrate our mission of involving Jewish men in Jewish life.

Fifty-four men from around the Southeast came together to renew old friendships, make new friendships, and enjoy a weekend of great food, spirituality, and spirits. This year we were happy to welcome ten first-time attendees and two new clubs - Shearith Israel (Atlanta, GA) and Beth Meyer (Raleigh, NC). We're hoping to see the first-timers come back and bring some friends next year.

This year's Retreat theme was Conservative Judaism through the Generations: What We Learn From Our Parents, What We Teach Our Children, a topic discussed in detail by our Scholar-in-Residence, Professor Ed Halper of the University of Georgia. There were four fathers who attended the Retreat with their sons, and I can't think of a better opportunity for our precious Jewish heritage to be passed down through the generations.



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