Friday, November 30, 2007



The Ninth Annual Anshei Darom Region Retreat will be held Feb 22-24 at Camp Ramah Darom in beautiful Clayton, Georgia!

But we may not have any weather. Our region is in the throes of a drought, and no relief is expected until sometime next fall. So, for the first time, there may not be weather.

But there will be:
  1. A spirited Shabbat

  2. Spirited brotherhood

  3. Lots of good food

  4. Lots of spirits

  5. Lots of friends – old and new

  6. A Jewish experience unique in the entire Jewish world
Our featured FJMC program leader will be Major Mike Neulander, Past President – Seaboard Region and Past Pilot – Apache Helicopters – Operation Desert Storm (These days, he storms dessert.)

Our featured entertainment will be...Us!

Our featured attendee will be...You!

Make plans to attend NOW! February 22-24 at Camp Ramah Darom in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, just west of Clayton and decidedly east of Eden – Texas, that is.

The cost this year will be $190 - same as last year. Send reservations and checks to our Region Treasurer and Retreat Registrar, Joe Zendlovitz:

Joe Zendlovitz
4404 Glendale Square
Nashville, TN 37204

More details will follow – and we may even have some weather!



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