Thursday, February 17, 2005


Last-Minute Stuff...

One day to go!

The good news is that it now looks like we'll have nice weather - if you believe the forecasts, that is. The latest poop from The Weather Channel shows Friday and Saturday as sunny (well, "mostly sunny" on Saturday), with rain moving in on Sunday. Temps will be in the mid- to lower 50's during the day (a little cooler on Sunday), and getting down into the upper 20's - low 30's at night.

Well, we'll have to see what really happens. Bring rain gear, just in case - those of us who came to Anshei Darom Retreat #4 two years ago will not soon forget the sight of the Famous Sweat Hut being swallowed up by the rising tide.

The other good news is that there are still some slots open for massages. Take a look at Hank Needle's e-mail for more details, such as to whom to make the check out, how much, etc., etc.

Those Atlanta-area attendees who wish to carpool should contact Steve Krodman - plan is to meet at Etz Chaim at 12:30 to assign drivers and riders.

This promises to be another great Retreat. See y'all at Ramah!


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