Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Anshei Darom University

Remember those great college days?

Remember pulling all-nighters? Drinking altogether too much? Exposing yourself at Graduation Graduating (with or without honors)? That sense of accomplishment at the things you learned?

Well, we're going to re-create those great days for you. Well, not all of that stuff. Maybe some of it, anyway.

This year we will introduce Anshei Darom University, but without the Will Ferrell-style naked jogging like in the movie Old School. No matter how tempting it looks with that nice lake.

This year's Distinguished Professors will be:

Doctor Norm Hamburger, AKA "Region President," leading a session on men's health issues. (Bring your own rubber gloves, please). Yes, he's a real doctor!

Doctor Gene Sacks, AKA "Docsacks," leading an important session on Keruv. This is an important new program developed by the FJMC that deals with intermarriage and outreach.

Stan Schnitzer, FJMC Training Director, will help us strengthen our clubs and ensure their future health through succession planning and leadership development. Stan has just moved here from New Jersey, so he needs a warm southern welcome out there in the Back Woods.

Cantor Joel Fox will be with us to help raise the roof with song and ruach. He'll be giving you a taste of the upcoming spirit that will be in evidence at the FJMC International Convention in July, in Fort Lauderdale. (That's in Florida. Of course, all of us Jews know where Florida is, am I right?)

Rabbi Chuck Simon, Executive Director of the FJMC, will be in attendance to lift our souls with words of wisdom and to discuss current issues relevant to the Men of The South and the FJMC.

As Hank Needle pointed out in his e-mail, we have the young guns - Ben, Mark, and friends - in charge of the fire on Saturday night. Hey: Kids and fire??? What was Hank thinking when he made that incredibly stupid brilliant offer? Even though the "Boyz" have assured us a great night of fun and campfire-related hi-jinks?

Torah readings for Shabbat Shacharit and Minchah services are still available and can be looked at here. Please contact me or Irwin as soon as possible to grab a reading. They're all reasonably short this year, so you don't have to strain yourself!

We will be posting more info on what to bring and what to wear in the coming days and weeks, so bookmark this website and come back often!

Where else can you get all of this and be with great friends for a great time, in a great place?

The Retreat Committee is:
Irwin Weitz
Steve Krodman
Henry Levine
Ben Needle
Mark Needle
Marc Elkan

If you haven't sent your check in yet, get it in the mail to:

Hank Needle
3784 Brown Owl Ct
Marietta, GA 30062

See you soon!


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